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Hi! I'm Dr. Adam Haynes-LaMotte

I'm a licensed clinical psychologist in Washington, and I provide psychotherapy to adults (18+) through secure video calls.  My primary specialties are Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, and Couple Therapy.


About Me


I earned my Ph.D. from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and completed my Psychology Internship at the VA Puget Sound, Seattle. The training involved in this degree stresses equal parts research and clinical work. While I am proud of the research I did during my graduate training, I found that my true passion was in working directly with clients.


A key value from my training that informs my clinical style is the importance of evidence-based practice. This basically means that I use therapeutic techniques and strategies that have been found by research to work better than the alternatives.

Oftentimes when you ask people their main complaints about their therapy, they will say that it either feels directionless or it feels too rigidly structured to talk about what they want to.


I try to occupy the space between these two extremes, always clear on the goals of our therapy while also being flexible based on your unique needs.

Another important aspect of my clinical style is that I strive to create a therapy environment that is authentic, warm, and free of judgment. Without these aspects to the therapy, it would be difficult to open up and feel comfortable trying out new ways of looking at things.

Reaching out for therapy can be daunting, but it can truly be one of the best gifts that you can get yourself. I would be honored to help you cultivate the life that you want.

For more information about my clinical specialty areas and the types of treatment I use, please click below:

Pronouns: He/Him

Selected Publications

LaMotte, A. D., Taft, C. T., Reardon, A. F., & Miller, M. W. (2015). Veterans' PTSD symptoms and their partners' desired changes in key relationship domains. Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy, 7, 479-484.

LaMotte, A. D., Khalifian, C. E., & Barry, R. A. (2017). Newlyweds’ perceptions of partner conflict behaviors and change in intimate safety over time. Journal of Family Psychology, 31, 123-128.

LaMotte, A. D., & Taft, C. T. (2017). PTSD, anger, and trauma-informed intimate partner violence prevention. Current Treatment Options in Psychiatry, 4, 262-270.

Murphy, C. M., Farzan-Kashani, J., LaMotte, A. D., Miles-McLean, H., & Maldonado, A. (2017). Prevention of Aggression and Violence in Families. In Sturmey, P. (Ed.), The Wiley Handbook of Violence and Aggression: Vol. 3. Societal Interventions. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

LaMotte, A. D., Gower, P. K., Miles-McLean, H., Farzan-Kashani, J., & Murphy, C. M. (2019). Trauma’s influence on relationships: Clients’ perspectives at an intimate partner violence intervention program. Journal of Family Violence, 34, 655-662.

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